Overview Session (1:30 – 3:00)

Presentations from the SKA Observatory and community on the SKA Project and its science. Please click on the talk title to download the talk slides.

1:30 – 2:00 SKA Project Overview – Robert Braun (SKAO)
Including 15 minutes for Q&A  
2:00 – 2:20 SKA Science Goals – Anna Bonaldi (SKAO)  
2:20 – 2:40 Pathfinder Introduction – Matt Jarvis (Oxford)  
2:40 – 3:00 How do I get involved?
Flipgrid video from Working Group Chairs

Coffee Break (3:00 – 3:20)

Transfer over to wonder.me

Science Working Group Introductions (3:20 – 4:20)

For the Science Working Group Introduction session, a virtual table will be created within wonder.me for each of the Science Working Groups. Discussions at each table will last for 15 minutes before attendees will be asked to rotate to another virtual table. Attendees will be advised on Monday 1st March of the virtual tables they should attend, in line with their interests identified when registering. Discussion topics may include:

  • Activities in the area
  • Input from other specialisms and its benefits
  • How to get involved
  • Any issues to capture

Please find below the list of Science Working Groups and Discussion Leads. Please note that the discussion times may be subject to change depending on the level of interest in each Science Working Group.

Science Working GroupDiscussion Leads
CosmologyLaura Wolz (University of Manchester)
Gravitational WavesSamaya Nissanke (University of Amsterdam, GRAPPA)
Cradle of LifeJosep Miquel Girart (Institute of Space Sciences, ICE)
Epoch of ReionizationAndrei Mesinger (Scuola Normale Superiore)
Abhirup Datta (IIT Indore)
Extragalactic ContinuumBeatriz Mingo (The Open University)
Mark Sargent (University of Sussex)
Extragalactic Spectral LinesSebastien Muller (Chalmers)
HI Galaxy ScienceAnastasia Ponomareva (University of Oxford)
MagnetismValentina Vacca (INAF)
Our GalaxyJan Forbrich (University of Hertfordshire)
PulsarsLina Preston (University of Manchester)
Solar, Heliospheric and Ionospheric PhysicsHamish Reid (Glasgow University)
TransientsDavid Williams (University of Manchester)
VLBIAlasdair Thomson (University of Manchester)

For a tutorial on using wonder, please see here.

Cream Tea (4:20 – 5:00)

Informal discussions

Please note that this event will be held virtually and participants are asked to abide by the Town Hall Meeting Code of Conduct.